Monday, August 9, 2010

Bored Summer Days!

I discovered on our computer that certain 16 year old girls, who hung out at my house while I was in Virginia this summer, got pretty bored and played around on the computer. I discovered this among my photos!
The two "thumbs" are actually Meg's knees and the nails are the rips she adores in one of her favorite pairs of jeans! They sketched over the image with wrinkles and cuticles and voila--GIANT THUMBS!!! Hurrah for summer creativity!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Baby Girl Megan

What's on my mind is that school is starting TUESDAY! Yes, that means August 10th. August? Who ever heard of school starting in August? On the east coast we always started well, normally like you know after labor day. No, not in California. They have to be untraditional and well unconventional and um liberal and um CRAZY. Anyway, it's starting whether I agree with it or not. Needless to say Megsies is non-plussed, unenthusiastic and underwhelmed. A few years ago when I was asked on some form somewhere what grade she was in during a certain year, Megan calmly said, "MOm, you know it goes with the year...2000 kindergarten, 2001 first grade, and so on." So counting the years has been easy until 2012 comes closer and closer. This year she brought home this shirt. Somehow with her graduation year emblazened across it, it seems more near and more real than ever. The dreaded junior shirt for the dreaded junior year--when so much is decided--possibilities of colleges of choice, dating, driving a car to school etc. Even though I'm dreading the school year, the shirt is clever and the best color ever. Best wishes BABY GIRL LITTLE SISTER FAVORITE DAUGHTER!!! You've always been wise for your years. Have a happy, productive, successful, school year.


Here's my darling husband. Prematurely gray but definately not OLD and absolutely not DIRTY!

Last week I drove Scott's car since that's the one we use to take Abby somewhere and I wanted to take Abby to the American River trail for a jog. I realized someone wrote something in the dirt on the back window (our big family car had endured a long drive from Utah).
After thinking we'd been VANDALIZED, Scott told me he thought it was a SCANDALOUS prank by one of the techs at the clinic. We have been laughing it off as a joke ever since. We had a few waves and laughs before I'd had enough and rubbed it out!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Love this beautiful new McFarland Boy!

Sweet tiny feet and Taylor's hand.
Sweet tiny fingers holding Lindsay's.

Beautiful, beautiful boy!


Watching our son become a dad has been such a sweet experience!
Spending time with my dad at his home in Virginia has been bittersweet.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Baby Gavin!

Gavin Michael McFarland
- Our first grandchild! He is such a lucky boy surrounded with lots of loving care. Our wonderful son Taylor and his beautiful wife Lindsay just sparkle as new parents. Every moment is such a joy. Watching Lindsay as a mom and Taylor as a dad just warms my heart. Welcome Baby Gavin - we've always loved you!